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Billie Eilish’s new Music Video “Lost Cause”

Whether you’re getting through a tough breakup or pining over someone new, be prepared for the new Billie Eilish music video “Lost Cause” Because it’s relatable- maybe even a little too relatable.

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The Grammy winner latest single “Lost Cause” was released alongside an accompanying music video on Wednesday June, 3rd. Teasing the single on Instagram, Billie stated “THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES AHHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO SEEE???” 

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In the video for Lost Cause, Billie sings about a relationship that has fallen apart. The song is part of her new album Happier Than Ever. Throughout the video Billie parades around the house with her friends shooting water guns, dancing and snacking on potato chips. It’s so fun to watch, but the message behind it definitely stood out. “Lost Cause” is a female empowerment anthem in which Billie sings about finally realizing that the man she was dating is “nothing but a lost cause.” As for Billie herself, it seems like she may know a thing or two about getting over a toxic Ex. Fans of the young lady know that she secretly dated rapper Brandon Quenton Adams AKA Q for a over a year before they split up in 2019 because she “Wasn’t happy.” Now that they’re no longer together, it looks like Billie is more focused on herself. Meanwhile, her new single ‘Lost Cause” is a perfect reminder to all of us to do the same.

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So what does Billie’s clothing style say about her? In some shots, she is wearing her typical baggy clothes and in others she has on more provocative outfits. This mix between innocence and sex symbolism shows that she embraces both sides of her. You’re probably not expecting Billie to wear anything less than super revealing clothing, especially after her latest daring photoshoot for Vogue Magazine, right? but apparently that’s what she tried to prove wrong in the video. Billie is not holding back on her usual style aka personality. She was just trying to say that she embraces both sides as they’re part of who she really is!

The new music video by Billie Eilish is a powerful and inspirational way to fight back against toxic masculinity. It’s also the perfect song for getting over your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend! As we await the release of her album “Happier Than Ever’ on June 30, you can watch this amazing video below. If you want to read more about entertainment topics like this one, let us know in the comments section below!

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