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Bizarre Trends in 2021: The Future is Weird

Bizarre Trends in 2021: The Future is Weird

Bizarre trends in 2021 are no joke and they can either be really cool or really weird. What was once considered reserved for the dark corners of society has now been taken to a whole new level with no filter thanks to social media. The question is: will you try it out for yourself or do you want to stay true to what’s “normal”?

Weird trends have been a big topic for debate recently, but we’ve narrowed down some of the weirdest ones that may not be the best idea to try out.

1- Mac and Cheese Ice-Cream

Kraft has teamed up with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to create a new creamy cheesy flavor: macaroni and cheese ice cream. The limited-edition sweet treat hits store shelves just in time for National Mac and Cheese Day on Wednesday.

If the new product makes you scratch your head more than jump for joy, we get it. Why would that neon-orange dust translate well into a sweet treat? I think I’m good with the regular hot Mac & Cheese, maybe add some Cheetos on top but I’m definitely not eating it as an ice-cream!

2- Bubble Nails

Bubble nails are a new trend in nail art that can either be painfully beautiful or just plain painful. For those not used to the extra bulky look, it might seem like an eyesore. But for others who want something as eye-catching on their finger tips as they have elsewhere, bubble nails could serve them well!

You’re probably wondering what the bubble nails creation process is like. Well, it involves many rounds of acrylic layering so much that at the end of your appointment you have these beautiful little opaque bubbles on each nail.

3- Flower Beards

Men’s beauty is often left out of the conversation. It’s always about women and their skincare routine or hair styles, Right? Well, not in this case

Making your beard a hipster flower garden is about to be the new trend. This style, with its avant-garde eclecticism, may appear a little too Instagram-y for some people. But a lot others are actually hoping it reaches past photoshoots and becomes common as an accessory! To be completely honest here, it may look super weird but it’s actually kind of cool. Think of how good your beard would smell!

4- Watermelon Ham

The watermelon ham at Ducks Eatery in New York City’s East Village has been making waves. The reviews are mixed, but that is not surprising – this’s one of the weirdest things you can try!

The watermelon ham is the creation of chef Will Horowitz and it’s off-the menu. Immense attention to detail goes into curating this dish. From brining slices of watermelon for four days in a blend of salt, ash, and spices to smoking them for eight hours. The fruit is cooked in a way so that it can look like an extremely undercooked piece of meat. I wouldn’t try it out myself but let me know in the comments section below if you would!

5- Actor Themed Face Masks

If you’re looking to incorporate this face mask into your pandemic-friendly Halloween festivities or are merely enthralled by its powerful imagery, the Actor Themed Face Mask is sure to please. The pop culture referencing mask appeals not only to fans of the actors. It also adds a playful touch that follows physical distancing guidelines for safety’s sake.

The soon-to-be iconic face mask is available in both children and adult sizes, meaning no matter your age, the Actor themed Face Mask was made for you!

There are some really bizarre trends that we’ve found this year. Some of these might be fun to try, but others should probably be avoided at all costs. Let us know if you would indulge in any of the following weird fads and see which one seems like a good time!

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