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Conquer Online: A Gamer’s Review

Conquer Online: A Gamer’s Review

Hop in into the world of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), where hundreds, thousands and even millions of players engage themselves into a virtual world where they can interact with one another, build their own character and discover fantasy worlds of fiction, art and magic. You might have had a number of MMORPG games cross your mind right now as you read this, and if Conquer Online is one of them, it is highly recommended that you stay on this page!

MMORPGs have existed since 1990 and are extremely popular as they are played throughout the world. Attracting a widespread audience, this genre allowed a massive number of users who enjoy both pen and paper and computer role-playing games to be brought together in a virtual environment and socialize with one another. Because of their broad popularity, game developers see MMORPGs as a potentially lucrative market. It was statistically stated that these games have exceeded worldwide revenues of half a billion dollars in 2005. However, only a small percentage of MMORPGs that are released become successful. If you would like to read more articles about other MMORPG games, check this out: The Night Beyond.

Here’s a list of some of the most successful MMORPG games:

  • League of Legends
  • World of Warcraft
  • Rune Scape
  • Final Fantasy
  • Conquer Online

So is Conquer Online a popular MMORPG? Yes! Being on the list, Conquer Online has created huge success reaching over 40 million registered users world-wide.

Conquer Online: What makes it Entertaining?

If you like to engage in war-related games, Conquer Online will probably be one of your favorites. Because the thing I find entertaining the most about this game, is the fact that you can choose to join a guild where you can make friends with its people and fight alongside them versus other guilds who try to invade your side’s properties/servers. The more committed to a guild you are, the more you’re likely to upgrade your position in it and the more you become trusted among your fellow guildmates. And better yet, if you’re leading a certain guild and happen to create successful records of winning wars against other guilds with the help of implementing your own tactics, decisions and strategies you might be talked about a lot amongst many players and be listed among one of the top players in the game’s official site. 

So what is it about this game that makes it an entertaining MMORPG and why have I chosen this game specifically in addressing my topic? Well, as simple as it sounds, because I enjoy playing it. I’ve been playing this game since 2010 and I was able to make a lot of friends from different nations as well as customize my own character in a way that matches my personality and style. So, allow me to give you a brief explanation about this game before I tell you all about it’s fun and interesting aspects. Conquer Online is a free 2.5D multiplayer online role-playing game with skill-based combat. You can choose from nine different classes in Conquer Online to become a martial arts master. You can make friends with other players from all over the world, form a guild of your own and upgrade it, or even join a current one. It has several servers that are categorized among EU and US timings. Complete quests, face off against ferocious monsters, and improve your gear, and you’ll be rewarded. The more you upgrade your character, the stronger you’ll ever be! For more information about this game check out Conquer Online.

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Another aspect that I find interesting about this game is the fact that anyone is free to choose between the various classes and styles offered by this game. For instance, the 9 classes that I have mentioned which include Trojan, Ninja, Archer, Warrior, Dragon Warrior, Taoist, Wind Walker, Monk/Saint and Thunderstriker, each having their own styles of attack and defense can be freely chosen among players based on their own preferences. But worry not, if you chose to register an account with a certain class that you happened to find it less entertaining than you had anticipated after you had already upgraded it, you can change the account’s class with the help of a method called “reincarnation”. You’re also allowed to change your character’s appearance with the help of the many fashion styles offered by this game. Conquer Online is doing a fascinating work of launching events monthly that reward players with new stylish garments and mount armors. And of course, the more you invest in these events, the higher the chance you’ll be rewarded.

Conquer Online: Then vs. Now

Like most games, Conquer Online has been upgrading many of its aspects in response to the gamers’ expectations of high quality graphics, more interesting events and newer missions of upgrading the character. If we compare between Conquer Online released in 2004 and Conquer Online today, I would have to write an endless list mentioning the many changes that have occurred throughout the 16 years. However, I can highlight the major updates that have upgraded the modernity of this game. The game first launched not more than 3 to 5 classes, which is of course a lot fewer compared to today’s total classes, consisting of 9. They release newly designed classes at an average rate of 1 class per 1-2 years. They also launch different ways of upgrading a class. For instance, you only needed to upgrade your Battle Power to strengthen your character back in 2004, now there are way too many upgrading methods you need to take part in if you were to upgrade your character, like enhancing your Chi gates, Jiang Hu status, Inner Power, Runes, Tailed Beast, etc. There are also many released features that upgrade guilds, clans and war maps as well as the rapid release of events where people race amongst each other to prove their strengths.

Old Conquer Online
New Conquer Online

What is Conquer Online’s position now in the MMORPG Field?

It is possible to say that Conquer Online is still moving at a successful rate as an MMORPG game, or else it wouldn’t be spending millions on upgrading the game. However, I’m assuming the number of players has been declining over the years as I’ve read many articles and heard many opinions concerning the disappointment old players faced when they came across these updates. It was agreed upon by many players that Conquer Online back then was better than it is today, despite the many upgrades that enhanced the game’s graphic designs. They stated that it is almost impossible for a player who hasn’t been active for a year or so to come back to the game and keep up with today’s overwhelming updates. It requires a huge amount of both: Time and Money. Another issue players complained about lately is that the many updates launched by the game has caused the game to bug and lag more often than usual. I personally still find this game entertaining, but if it wants to maintain its current players, it needs to respond quickly and professionally to their issues and to what they demand. 

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