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Harry Styles journey from boy band to Winning Best Pop ”Solo” Performance 2021 GRAMMY Award

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Harry Styles has recently won the best pop solo performance for “Watermelon Sugar” at the 2021 Grammy awards show. He is mostly known as the former member of One Direction, but he proves to be more day after day. We are going to discuss his journey in this article highlighting most of his works and achievements.  

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Harry Styles is a very famous English solo singer, song writer and an actor, but he wasn’t always a solo artist. He was the lead singer at a bandcalled White Eskimo where his music career began.He thenauditioned for the UK television show The X Factor where  Harry and other four young boys: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were put together to form a band under the name of One direction. One direction had  an immense amount of success and became one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. Their five albums Up all Night, Take me home, Midnight Memories, Four and  Made in the A.M  topped the charts in almost every major market. Further, most of their singles made a huge hit such as What makes you beautiful, Live While We’re YoungBest Song Ever, Story Of My Life, and Drag Me Down. They made history as their four albums ranked as number one in the US Billboard 200 and they won nearly 200 awards including Brit Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and others. After the band’s hiatus in 2019, Styles completed on his own and began his solo career. 

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Harry Styles First Album

Styles began his solo career in 2017 by releasing his singles  Sign of the Times, Kiwi, Two ghosts, and an album renamed after his own name. His album included songs as Meet Me in The Hallway, Carolina, Sweet creature, Only Angel, Ever Since New York, Woman and From the Dining Table. Generally speaking, themes such relationships were featured in this album with emphasis on the actions attributed to love whether romantic or platonic His album was described by several music publications as being an assembly of soft rock, rock, Britpop and pop. Critics have also noted some influence of British classic rock and singer-songwriter folk. This album isboth enigmatic and simple. As not all its  videos reflect the message behind the lyrics. Take for example Kiwi. The lyrics and the music video have nothing in common.

You will experience different emotions throughout this album,  from sadness, loneliness, confusion, serenity to finally enjoying yourself. Moreover, this album received positive reviews generally. It was on the top of the charts in several countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK and the US and was validated as platinum in Canada, the US,Poland, Australia, Poland, and Mexico, and gold in nine countries counting the UK. His album, according to the IFPI was the ninth best-selling album around the world of 2017. 

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Fine Line

In December, 2019 Harry Styles released his second album. It included six singles as Lights Up, Adore You,  Falling, Watermelon Sugar, Golden, and Treat People with Kindness. The album included other songs such as Cherry, Falling, To Be So Lonely, She, Sunflower, Canyon Moon, Fine Line and Treat People With Kindness. Generally speaking, this album include themes such as the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, break ups, and having sex and feeling sad. It was described as pop rock, folk, soul funk, and indie pop.  

Many people knew styles as the former member of One Direction, but in this album he has made his own print. This album is considered a bridge from what Styles was to what he wants to be, changing his fan base from mostly teenagers to young adults and adults. You would discover a new artistic side of Harry’s music including new sounds and sense of self. This albums’ music is nothing but straight forward or simple. There are several interpretations to every and each song and he has even left some easter eggs in them. It is worth mentioning that listening to his  music audios alone is a very different experience from  actually watching the music videos.

Personally, I  enjoy some of his audio videos more than their actual  music  videos. On the other side, I can rematch specific music videos on repeat. Such as Adore You where Harry’s artistic side shines. They show an island in a parallel word called Eroda which is Adore You inversed. It is portrayed as an island where people forgot to smile and were famous for their resting face. Here, Harry was portrayed as a person born with a set of shining white teeth which by time he had to hide to fit in. He hid his smile and literally bottled his pain in bottles until he met a fish. He met this fish while trying to end his life by drowning himself to death. The fish was thrown by the tides to some stones on the shore and when Harry threw it back to the water it came out again. So, he decided to take it home. They started sharing their life together and the protagonist grew fonder and fonder with this fish. The fish started to grow larger and larger by time and Harry started losing clues on where to hide it. His smile returned  and he started moving the fish with him wherever he went in a portable aquarium. Since all good things will eventually come to an end, their story did too as one time the fish got so scared after seeing another fish in the fish market being slaughtered away. The fish started to scream until it broke its container and almost died. Realizing that he can’t keep the fish for ever, the protagonist returned the fish to where it first belonged. He then left the island and started sailing alone using his bottled pain as wind fuel. In a sense, the fish saved him and he saved it. Furthermore, the album is full of similar things that will take on different journey’s experiencing different emotions. Now, we come to our guest of honors which is Watermelon Sugar

Harry Styles Grammy 2021

Watermelon Sugar is one of Harry Styles’ best songs so far. It is one of those songs that has a music video portraying a very different story than the lyrics. Harry has formerly stated that this song is about the initial extreme happiness when you start seeing someone for the first time. Or just the normal feelings of excitement when you are around them.  This song has earned Harry a Grammy in 2021, beating out Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Billie Eilih, Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift. Winning this award proves what a series artist Harry has become. It adds more and more to his success and helps people to view him and his music in a different light. 

Harry Styles Grammy 2021 Harry is just a start. He is proving himself time after time as a serious multi-talented artist. He is one of those artists who really values music; he doesn’t see it as a means to becoming rich or having money, quite the opposite. So,  you should give his music a try to see it in a better light. For more information about different artists and news click here.

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