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How To Beat Blood Queen Lana’thel – Easy Strategies

The Blood Queen is a powerful female vampire from the Icecrown Citadel that can be extremely difficult to defeat. Defeating her can be a remarkably phenomenal adventure when you are sure of the moves to make. Nonetheless, you must be careful and pay rapt attention to the strategies if you must stay alive till she dies. But Beat Blood Queen Lana’thel?

The drill is that a few seconds into the fight, the Blood Queen will bite a character in your raid team, thus turning it into a vampire. This newly forged vampire will go ahead to bite another member of your team. Before long, everyone will become a vampire, too. What can you do to survive the heat?

Things you must do to beat the Blood Queen

  1. Proper Positioning

To prepare the stage, you should tank Blood Queen Lana’thel at her starting point. There need to be two tanks because the Queen can link the primary tank, which is also called the blood mirror, to the player nearest to it. This also means that this player will get an equal amount of damage as the tank.

All healers should be placed in one group with a shaman. It would be best if you also positioned the raid evenly throughout the encounter, six yards away from the others. It is important to allow about a 10-yard circle to remain free from players in the middle of the room. Everyone should stay off the walls and at the maximum range; the ranged DPS should form a semicircle.

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  1. Strategizing

If you must know how to beat blood queen Lana’thel, you must pay close attention to the strategy. There is just one phase in the fight, and the mechanics are the same all through the game. The unique thing is that the Queen performs a short air phase every two minutes of the game. Raid members randomly get Swarming Shadows, which makes them release Shadow Fire on the ground till the end of the debuff. 

Again, the blood queen can use another ability, known as the Pact of the Darkfallen, to bring damage to players. The technique it employs is linking two of three players together and making them take greater damages till they are standing on each other. To outwit this ploy, this is the strategy to follow. Linked players have to meet in the center of the room. 

When the Queen sees the raid, she will take off every two minutes, dispatching three extra blood bolts at each of the players. At this point, it is best for melee to unfurl in the middle while the ranged DPS should run towards the walls. The healers should position themselves in a circle and at the center between the ranged DPS and melee.

When the fear ends, and the Queen stops sending out blood bolts, all the players must spread out very fast as the blood bolts can be deadly. However, the healers are to make minimal movements at that point. They should immediately begin immense spam of AoE heals.


For anyone wondering how to beat blood queen Lana’thel, these strategies above will help. The vampire queen only bites one key player, which in turn affects the others. A clear understanding of the fight would be necessary as one player’s death can result in a wipe.

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