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How to Make Community Posts on YouTube?

Making a community post on YouTube expands your reach and gives credibility. Learn more about how to make community posts on YouTube and its benefits. But, before you start creating posts on your channel, you need to know that accounts with more than 1000 subscribers can only access the community tab. Furthermore, you have to know the type of posts that are acceptable on YouTube. 

Types of post you can make on YouTube

  1. You can create a text post

This is done by entering your message in the text box on the community tab of your channel. Add a video or image to your text or just the text alone. Note that you can’t combine your text posts with polls.

  1. You can post playlist content

Before you can post playlists, ensure you have your community posts enabled. Find the URL link of the playlist you want to share, copy the link, and paste it into your community post.

  1. GIF and Images

To share animated GIF and Images on your community channel, you need to choose the image or GIF to post from your computer or smartphone and share.

Note that the size of your image must be up to 16 MB. The file type acceptable is PNG, GIF, WEGB, and JPG, with a ratio of 1:1 for easier view in the feed. People get to see the whole image when they click on it. You can also check the community guidelines on YouTube for image specifications and how to make community posts on YouTube.

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  1. Videos

You can directly share videos from your mobile devices to your community posts. In case of adding video to a post, you can choose by:

  • Searching for the YouTube video you’d like to add
  • Paste the URL link of the video
  • Pick a video that’s already on your YouTube channel

When you initiate a post that contains a video owned by another creator, the person that uploaded the video originally gets a notification that helps them acknowledge the post. Therefore, notifications are sent to help creators assent to their videos shared by other creators.

  1. Sharing polls

To add polls to your posts, here are the steps to follow:

  • Type the question you’d like to ask in the box provided
  • Add your answers in the “add option” field
  • To add more answers, click on “add another option” and type the questions and answers.

The poll option has a limit of a maximum of 65 characters.

How to share community posts on YouTube?

Now that you know the type of community post you can share on YouTube, the following steps will help you create a post on your YouTube channel:

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. On your YouTube page, select the upload option at the upper part of your page and create a post.
  3. At the upper part of your page, you will see a box where you can
  • Make a text-format post or include text to an image, video post, and animated GIF.
  • Create a video, image, post, or poll.
  1. Click on post to share.


You can also mention other YouTube channels in your content by typing @ and the channel name without space. When viewers see the notification of them being mentioned in a post, they click on it and get directed to your channel page.

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