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How to See Your Followers on Reddit

Several social media platforms have made lots of impacts on various users. While some people see these platforms as stressful and time-wasting, it has served as a public forum for people to sell their products and services. Reddit is one such social media platform that works like that.

On the Reddit platform, users share content and rate it based on how they like it. Reddit has helped its users to gain traction and confidence in sharing their stories, but some people misused it by stalking and harassing other genuine users. This made Reddit update a new feature in which you can see your followers on Reddit instead of just seeing the number of followers alone. This new feature will help you know more about your followers, and this will be shown to you alone and not others.

Checking your profile to view followers

Reddit users can view the number of followers they have but can’t view their exact followers’ profiles to know their handles or where they are. It has recently been confirmed by the Reddit product manager, Mayank Jain, that the site will be updated soon with new features. One of the features will allow users to know about their followers and modestly interact with them. It is when you have an anonymous follower that creates room for stalking and harassment. The account owner is the only that sees the new follower list as it won’t be visible to others.

If you follow multiple accounts, know that the account owners know who their followers are.

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How to get followers on Reddit?

Reddit is a community that focuses mainly on content like writing and art. It can be a story, poem, article, and so on. The higher the worthiness of your content, the faster it gets to the top of the homepage. Once your content gets to the top of the homepage, you can get more followers, engagement and gain traction to your site. People also follow you because you share similar interests or post something they like.

Having followers on Reddit is like having people subscribe to see more of your posts and content on Reddit. Like other social media platforms, Reddit also allows you to post on your profile, and your followers can see your posts on their page. They may not see other posts or comments you make unless they go to your profile to check your other posts.

How to block a follower on Reddit?

You can also block a follower in case of any harassment. All you have to do is click on the person’s profile, tap their picture, and remove it. Reddit is still working on doing away with the features that accommodate harassment and stalking on the site. They are also making it easier for people to learn how to see your followers on Reddit instead of the current follower count they have for now.

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