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Kylie Jenner’s Backlash: Is She at Fault?

We all know about Kylie Jenner, the American multi-millionaire model and businesswoman who was first introduced in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians since 2007 and who owns her own cosmetic company “Kylie Cosmetics”. Given that she is one of the most popular celebrities worldwide and has a huge number of fans all over the globe, she updates her followers actively on social media about what’s going on with her life or what she’s planning to do. But are all the reactions she gets positive? Are all the decisions she takes supported by her fans? Asking people to donate for someone who needs medical surgery seems like a kind gesture. Unfortunately, it turned out to be Kylie Jenner’s backlash.

What’s the Story?

On May 22, 2021, Kylie Jenner asked her fans to provide her makeup artist, Samuel Rauda’s GoFundMe with donations over the weekend to help him pay his medical bills of $60,000 dollars after he was unfortunately involved in a serious accident. His family created a GoFundMe page to gain donations and help him pay for his medical expenses. Kylie Jenner then shared the link of the GoFundMe page on her Instagram account to get her fans to raise donations for him. Of course, this all seems like a kind gesture, but little did she know that this would turn out to be a backlash.

The Instagram story didn’t even get the chance to expire. Right when she posted her request on Instagram, she was suddenly the trending topic on social media, and not in a positive way. Fans kept questioning why a multi-millionaire would ask for donations to urgently cover up the medical bills for someone she has business with. To make the situation even worse, it was said that her contribution to the case amounted to only $5000 dollars, which is not even one bit close to half the money that was set on the GoFundMe’s page. Jenner makes about $19,000 every 60 minutes, according to an Industry Insider study of how much well-known billionaires make in an hour, for more information about her net worth, click this link Insider. Her earnings over the course of three hours would have covered all of Rauda’s medical expenses. But she gave the equivalent of around 15 minutes only of her time with her $5,000 donation.

Twitter Backlash

It didn’t even require any math-doing to figure out that her donation of $5000 fell extremely short and it didn’t take long for people to quickly share what’s on their minds about it. Social media was quickly bombarded with criticism and memes on this matter.

Twitter Meme

Kylie Jenner’s Response to the Backlash 

Of course, Jenner had to have a response to what’s going on after all the attack. She defended herself by claiming that she was just trying to be helpful and that the whole situation was just a misunderstanding. “I saw my current makeup artist and friend Ariel post about Sam’s accident and his family’s gofundme… it compelled me to visit his gofundme which was set at 10K,” Jenner wrote. “They had already raised 6k so I put it in 5k to reach their original goal.” She then elaborated “I shared the fundraising campaign on my stories to gain more awareness if anyone also felt compelled to share or donate,” adding “I do things from the heart and I try to be helpful whenever I can be.” She then concluded that she didn’t comprehend how things got twisted, but Rauda’s family were very appreciative of the donations and this is what actually mattered.

Kylie Jenner

Still, after hearing Kylie Jenner’s defense, people were skeptical about the whole situation and they couldn’t hide their embarrassment for her. For instance, they were questioning that even if the GoFundMe was originally set to $10,000, why would she, as a person with a net worth of $700 million, need to ask for such an insignificant amount of money. Another thing that drove people to criticize her in this situation is that she recently bought her daughter a $15,000 handbag, so why can’t she take the responsibility to pay a bill of only $10,000? 

Despite Kylie Jenner’s backlash, Rauda’s expense fund exceeded its $10,000 target, thanks to the additional attention around the trending criticism. With a revised $120,000 target, the GoFundMe page is currently close to $100,000. Which means that the trend is almost over and soon enough people will stop talking about it, so hopefully Kylie Jenner can breathe a little easier now.

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