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Swiss Army Man Explained

Swiss Army Man Explained

Swiss Army Man is an American movie directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schreier, starring Pal Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. It is set on a deserted island discussing different themes as alienation, loneliness and friendship. Swiss army man explained is considered a detailed movie review, just in case you haven’t watched it. 

Swiss army man explained part 1: The beginning

The film opens with Hank Thompson, depicted by Paulo, in that deserted island trying to commit suicide, but failing miserably. On his second attempt, he saw a body suddenly appearing on the shore. He quickly runs to see if that creature has come to rescue him, only to find that he is dead. Ironically, the body’s only response to Hank’s words was by farting which he attributed to some excess gases in his dead body. On Losing hope again and completing his second attempt of ending his own life, he saw Manny, depicted by Daniel Kwan, farting heavily and an idea sparked in his head. He literally rides Manny’s body through the water to a different destination, as silly as that sounds.

When asking the directors about the idea behind the movie they said that they wanted to depict everything that people normally hate and depict a different angle of these things. In other words, they wanted to transfer something so disgusting, as a fart, into a more meaningful thing. When they finally reach shore, Hank starts dancing out of happiness. He couldn’t believe he was saved by a farting corpse. He starts discovering the island and takes Manny along in case he needs his powers again. After exploring the place he found different things indicating that other people were formerly present there and that normal life is near.  They soon hide in a cave waiting for the rain to end. There, Manny starts addressing the dead corpse out of his desperate need for company. Knowing very well that he won’t be judged, he talked with ease. Furthermore, He wakes up the next day to find Manny, enough, able to speak. Manny, the dead corpse, starts slowly as the film unravels, going back to life. He starts seeing the world through Hank’s eyes, revealing to us and to Hank himself how silly the world is and our coping mechanisms.

Swiss army man explained part 2 : Signs of life

Manny finds it strange to hide his farts as Hank tells him, he finds it strange that people have to hide things all the time, although these things are normal and a part of us all; he finds it strange that people can’t normally be themselves around other people. Manny’s abilities start to unfold slowly and consequently Hank starts believing that Manny is there to guide him out. So, he starts by helping Manny regain his memories as a living human being and whenever he remembers something, whenever feelings ignite inside of  his chest, strangely enough, his organs start to work. Moreover, instead of remembering his own memories Manny remembers Hank’s memories. He starts explaining life from his eyes and it is beautiful in the start. All the colors and things a person sees throughout their lives, all the experience they accumulate and Manny starts imagining the world as a beautiful place. 

Sara, the girl Manny remembers is actually a person Hank never knew but wanted to. The more Hank tells Manny more about his relations with his friends, his father, and his mother; the less interested Manny becomes in the outside world. He tells him about his own father and how he is incapable of displaying affections. He narrates more about the fear his father inherently has. Also, he tells him about his inability of remembering his deceased mother without associating her with a specific memory, so he chooses not to. After every story, Manny starts growing less interested in life. He finds it absurd that people live in fear of almost everything even of themselves. How they let everything control them till they get completely drained and he starts questioning internally if he really wants to remember. Then, Manny experienced pain for the first time when Hank unraveled that all the memories implanted in Hank’s mind are actually his. 

Swiss army man explained part 3: The ending

Hank explained that these memories are his, they are all things he couldn’t pursue, he didn’t have the courage to. After a while, they see a house and the first individual they run into is a little girl. Manny acts normally a he is used to and the girl couldn’t tolerate how queer he was and she stared crying. Seeing how the first other real human he meets can’t really handle how strange he is, Manny preferred  to return back to the way he originally was without all those feelings running through in his chest and he goes back to being just a lifeless corpse. Strangely enough, that house turns out to be Sara’s house and the girl is her daughter. 

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Some interpretations say that Manny was just a hopeless hallucination from Hank’s lonely mind.  Hank started to finally get out of his bubble at the moment Manny preferred death. He started speaking up for himself and facing his fears. He confessed to Sara, who had no idea he existed before, that he never really liked her; she just seemed so happy and he was not. He started trying to take Manny’s corpse back and set it free once and for all. The film ends by Manny saving himself the way he first saved Hank.

Reviews and opinions on the film

the final part of swiss man explained depicts different reviews about the movie. Some express how ridiculous the film was, others stress how raw it is. But they all agree on how queer it was. When you ask actors about their opinion, you  would  notice a sense of possession  in their words. They talk about it as their queer little creation, something they had to depict and protect. They both knew playing a part in this movie was like gambling, but they did it anyway. The film was directed by two directors which is normally a difficult thing to maneuver. They stated that they spent an entire year preparing for this movie.  Reviews vary on this one, some believe it was absolutely a disaster, others think it was bizarrely beautiful; they just recommend watching it alone to avoid awkwardness. Those who love the film tend to watch it several times, as it allows them to enter a magical prejudice free bizarre world. Moreover, the film scored 72 on rotten tomato website, 4/5 common sense media ratings and 7.0 on IMDb. Personally, I find the film intriguing enough to watch. First it will disgust you and make you regret all your life choices, then just when you completely lose interest everything changes. It starts with a warm familiar feeling, and suddenly you will catch yourself laughing. This film will make you laugh, cry, question your sanity, but mostly it will leave you with a good tranquil feeling.  In the end, if you are interested in reading more reviews about different shows or movies you can go here.

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