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The Weirdest Burial Sites You Probably Ever Heard Of!

Burial has been a long-standing tradition since ancient times. However, strange burial sites have existed for just as long. From the Vatican to a New York City Subway station, bizarre places where people have been buried are scattered all over the world. Well, if you’re looking for strange burial sites, then look no further than this article! This is a list of the weirdest places people have been laid to rest!

1- In a Restaurant

Enjoying a delicious meal takes on an entirely different meaning in this restaurant. Built over a cemetery, 12 graves pierce through the floor near tables allowing the deceased to join diners as silent dinner buddies.

People who had their burial spot booked in the Ahmadabad cemetery in Western India probably never would have guessed that one day they’d find themselves resting peacefully amidst a bustling fast food restaurant. Rather than ripping out the graves to make this restaurant, owner of New Lucky restaurant, Kutti chose to preserve coffins and place the dining tables around them instead.

He wasn’t only okay with dead bodies just lying there in his restaurant, he actually says that somehow having these coffins around brings him luck. The business has been flourishing and it offers a unique dining experience! To be completely honest here, I think maybe the coffin thing is kinda cool too–I would totally give it a try.

2- Hanging on a Cliff

Though an irrational fear of heights may be a deterrent for some, it seems like it’s not a problem to the Igorots people of China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Having considered choosing such an option for your burial, you technically wouldn’t be buried at all! Instead, like these tribes, your grave would be protruding from the rock face or suspended by a rope!

One of the most common beliefs behind this practice is that moving the bodies of dead people higher up brings them closer to their ancestral spirits. Unlike our Western burial traditions, corpses are buried in a fetal position as Igorotsbelieve that someone should leave this world how they entered it-in an upside down state.

3- Under The Sea

The Lost City of Atlantis is manifested in the form of an art installation. Situated off the coat of Key Biscayne in Florida, this underwater landmark spans a 16-acre area and sits 40 feet below sea level.

As a new tradition, visit them in this cemetery under the sea! Some say this is the perfect place to say goodbye and reflect on our lives with loved ones who have passed away. Families of those buried in the cemetery can take a boat to the site, and then snorkel down from there. Other families even become certified divers so that they can spend as much time with their loved ones as possible.

4- Under a Little House

Russian Orthodox and Native Alaskan people both have a shared history in burying their loved ones. The Burial Spirit Houses serve as markers to both religions when it comes time for traditional burial ceremonies where families can honor loved ones without having them buried in theground or cremated like so many other cultures around the world do today.

According to their tradition, when someone dies, their body is buried and a blanket is placed over the grave. After the blanket has been there for a while, they build/put a small wooden house, about the size of a large dollhouse as part of their final resting place!

The little houses, unlike more traditional burial sites, are not kept up or restored. They’re simply allowed to disintegrate back into the ground. In fact, this is part of the tradition.

5- In a Tree

The Toraja people of Indonesia are known for their elaborate and involved funeral rites which often include mummy parades and graves built into the side of a cliff, but one outlier in these traditions is that children get to be buried in a tree, as weird as it sounds!

When tragedy takes the life of a young child, Torajans often inter the little body in a tree hollow, Building a crude wooden door over this burial site. The whole burial is made ritualistically with an evocative imagery; believing that their soul will stay in the woods/forest for eternity and this way they get to visit them as well as feel their existence around!

6- Behind a Walmart

Tucked away in the parking lot behind a Walmart super store, one can find an entire cemetery that has managed to stay unmoved despite all the progress and developments the city has gone through.

The Crowley graveyard is one of the oldest cemeteries in Decatur, Georgia, holding 13 bodies buried on a small hilltop. However time changed, and Decatur progressed around the cemetery, leveling down the hill to make room for a mall parking lot, and leaving the Crowley family plot high and dry.

A mausoleum was built around the graves and the parking lot was built around that. While the mall is no longer there, a Walmart stands in its place. But just out back, near the dumpsters and the employees on a smoke break, the Crowley Graves remain there unmoved.

We have all heard of cemeteries and the idea that they are a final resting place for loved ones. But, what about burial sites located in places you would never expect? Some people believe that there is spiritual strength from being on hallowed ground or near water sources like oceans or rivers. Others want to be buried with their pets because they were that close. As much as these burial sites are weird to some of us, it’s the norm to a lot others! For more interesting topics like this one let us know by commenting below!

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