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Why Do People Like Their Own Posts?

Why do people like their own posts?Is this for social media engagement or self-validation?

You might be one of those people who judges when you come across someone that likes their own post. Is the truth that there’s nothing wrong with it or is the right reaction is to think ”who cares?”

People liking their posts stems from different factors. So lets a take a deep dive into Why do people like their own posts?

Reasons why people like their own posts

The like button is there to use

One good reason why some people tend to like their own posts because the like option button is simply there. This reason makes sense; why not like your posts first before everyone else does? 

That’s all the more reason if they posted something like good news, milestones, ad promotions, travels, the food they enjoyed, and so much more. They can’t help but like their own post because of how perfect the shot of the photo or how detailed the post was. 

Liking their post is somewhat effective, and more people will be encouraged to check out the post. Most of all, people feel good about liking their posts and just see nothing wrong about it, which leads to the next reason.

To seek self-validation and worth

People liking their own posts seem to feel good about themselves. It increases their endorphins, seeing that there’s an extra like on their post, making them feel much more relevant.

You can call it vanity, but that’s how social media is feeding on our mental health. Some people feel so disappointed when they see that their posts didn’t gain as many likes as they expected. That’s why they start liking their own posts just to increase the statistics and lessen their disappointment.

It’s important to be wary of this kind of behavior and to care for our mental health. Seeking self-validation in social media might do more harm rather than good.

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Just to purely increase social engagement

Some business pages online find good results when they like their posts. It puts them at the top where people are encouraged to build engagement and interact via liking, sharing, and commenting on the post.

This is a strategic approach to building a social media presence to promote the brand online. If done the right way, it makes the algorithm think that your post is engaging to people, and as such you start gaining more followers and higher product sales will eventually follow.

However, if a business repeatedly practices this, this can be a major turn-off to potential clients. It’s as if showing insecurity of how ineffective the brand is, making them do the unthinkable: to constantly like their own posts.

Then again, people liking their posts shouldn’t be judged that much for doing so. They have their reasons which we do not know, and we have no right to make up stuff that is not true.

If what they’re posting does not harm or offend anyone, they shouldn’t be bothered by others liking their posts. It’s a personal choice to like their posts as much as they need to.

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